Skycraft alpha-0.2

First some crazy news: I’m leaving my summer internship… for Skycraft. As of next monday I’ll be joining MESH, a rather cool (and of course quite hipster-y) coworking/startup place at the heart of Oslo, working only on Skycraft for the rest of the summer.

The past few weeks have been incredibly rewarding, so there was just no doubt in my mind that I had to go all in this summer. After all, I have customers now! I can’t really think of anything more motivating than having complete strangers put their trust in me by backing this project, it’s truly a great feeling. Thank you, dear backers!


New blocks: Marble and eggshell sandstone? Something like that.
New feature: Inventory. Hit tab (or i) to have a peek and move some blocks around!
New feature: Hotslots. Hit E or R to instantly build whatever block is in slot 1 or 2. VERY convenient for building torches while mining…
Performance: Faster island generation, allows for a larger starter island. Now with 70% more blocks!
Performance: Huge cut in memory consumption. Allows for much larger islands, (> 10x larger) but generating such a huge island still takes too long for it to be the starter island.
Performance: Slower island generation in Firefox. It’s a feature. 1
Bugfix: Certain block patterns would create light glitches.
Bugfix: The target box now “remembers” better how big you want it to be. Bugfix: Too many small bugs to list…
Tweak: Toolbar looks a bit more polished now.

At last, an inventory! How awesome is that? Science states that at least 80% of awesome first-person games have inventories. 2:

Still here? Head over to Skycraft and give alpha-0.2 a go! Then feel free to send me a tweet afterwards. You don’t have to, but you know, if you want to you should totally do it.

  1. Just kidding. Firefox 21 introduced an optimization that made dense arrays incredibly fast, but sparse arrays unfathomably slow, and I’m using sparse arrays a couple of places. Firefox users are encouraged to try Firefox 23, aka Aurora which is much faster.

  2. Only valid for extremely broad definitions of science. We’re talking scientology-broad.

10 Jun 2013