Skycraft alpha-0.3

This update took somewhat longer than intended, but a week of vacation and Civilization 5: Brave New World worked hard to keep me from finishing. Does Civilization count as research when I’m an indie game developer?

Anyway, let’s look at the update: Water! And physics!

alt text


Water: Some blue blocks have started errupting out of the islands, behaving somewhat like liquid.. I have no idea where this liquid comes from, but I will keep investigating.
Gravity: Some blocks are now affected by gravity, and will fall down until resting at a safe place. No more dirt bridges, I’m afraid! And watch out for trees when you chop them, they might just fall down… 1
Settings: You can finally change your keys / mouse sensitivity, or even invert your mouse.
Bugfix: Walking diagonally is no longer faster than walking straight forward.
Bugfix: Falling through the world now happens less often. It’s totally intended if you do that now.
Bugfix: Sprinting up stairs doesn’t result in x-ray vision.
Bugfix: Torches can no longer be attached beneath blocks.

Go chop down some trees or play with some water in alpha-0.3, and then tell me about it afterwards! I’m not really happy with the water or gravity yet, but it’s at least a tad fun to play with.

  1. Tree-descent is not really well optimized at the moment, and will probably stutter quite a lot, unless you have a better computer than me.

16 Jul 2013