Skycraft alpha-0.4

The world of Skycraft is no longer bathed in perpetual, everlasting daylight: it’s time for some darkness.

alt text


Day/night cycle: Sun. Moon. Stuff gets dark, then gets light again, you know the drill. The sky itself is actually the inside of a really, really huge sphere, with shaders calculating the color of each pixel based on the time of day. The hardest part wasn’t the sky rendering though: every block, every particle, anywhere in the game has to be able to react to the current lighting based on nearby lighting and time of day.
Moddable codebase: The codebase has gotten a huge refactor to accomodate mods better. Mods will hopefully be very easy to both make and distribute/share, more on that in a later blog post.
Prettier light propagation: Light from torches propagates in a circular pattern, rather than like a cross.
Visible equipped item: You can finally see your equipped item in your hands.
Mine/place animation: Mining or placing blocks just became even more satisfying.
Increased particle count: Previously there was a maximum of 500 rendered particles due to performance; this limit is now gone, as particles are rendered in a more clever way.

Known bugs

Chunk pattern flicker: Some chunk patterns can flicker somewhat. Performance: The new day/night cycle if much harder on the GPU, for lower end GPUs I will most likely have to limit the viewing distance a bit to lower the amount of geometry that is processed.

The next update might just contain multiplayer… or maybe not, but until then, try out alpha-0.4, and tell me what you think!

01 Sep 2013