Skycraft Alpha 0.6

What is the trademark player-usable item in this genre? The pickaxe. Finally.

alt text


New items: Get your hand on the stereotypical iron pickaxe, the iron axe, or the lower-middle-class iron sword. Some greater power has placed these items as gifts from the heavens around the islands.. who knows why.
Ground decoration: Okay, it’s flowers. Even some pink ones. They’ll be more interesting later, they are somewhat randomly distributed on the islands for now!
Level of Detail: A rudementary level of detail rendering has been added: chunks that are far away will be rendered as if they were 16x16x16 chunks. This potentially reduces polycount by 8, and should allow us to draw much more islands at the same time.
Chunk unloading: The renderer will now unload chunks that are too far away, for performance and to conserve memory.
Saving: The world is now auto-saved in your browser for next time. This is semi-temporary storage, the browser might decide to delete it at any time!
Torch-particles. Particles. More particles.
Torch-flicker. The light from torches will flicker every so slightly…
Sounds. Thunk. More sounds for different materials to come.


The very observant being might see that I skipped a number! Some of these features have been out since the silent release of alpha-0.5 in November, but I promise I’ll tell you about all the new changes from now on! Give alpha 0.6 a try, and tell me what you think!

25 Oct 2014